We are a team of creative friends that craft meaningful web experiences.

A different kind of creative agency.

We’re more than just coworkers. Midwestern Originals is a tight knit creative team that shares a vision to develop meaningful digital experiences. Our passion for design goes back as far as our bond. We strike a balance between shared skills and honed expertise that makes every project streamlined and complete.

We get to know you and deliver what you need under your budget. Together our team brings experience from many facets of web design from small agencies, to a top internet firm, to startups and freelance. We have a strong understanding of the industry and can help steer you to the right solution. Each website we create is purposeful, unique, and affordable.

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More than just a one skill shop, we can handle most of your website needs with easy to use tools and a process that gets the job done. We've been doing this kind of work for 5 years. Whether you need a brand new website or just want your existing one to work better for you, we can help.

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Webflow Development

Webflow is a website platform that allows the custom design of a hand-built website with the ease of Squarespace.

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Site Migration

Got an existing site that's just to hard to update? Let us move it to a more manageable platform.

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Custom Designs

Get a design that's truly yours, no templates to choose from or fear that your competitor's website will look just like yours.

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Content Collaboration

Content is what your customers read. Make sure it is saying and showing the right things by working with us on your content and imagery.

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Open Medical Education For All

In many places, the only thing standing between life and death for someone is their local doctor's access to medical information. MedEdGuru set out to change that reality. We helped them build an interactive, accessible website that both drew attention to their cause and provided a wealth of information.

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"this is the nicest thing anyone's ever said about us..."
Webflow Migration

Jump-starting careers in tech

SVAcademy is paving the way for those interested in a tech career by providing them with an online, tuition-free skill building and mentorship program. We worked with them to move their existing site to Webflow, a platform where they can control their website on their terms with an easy to use interface.

Case studies coming soon
"this is the nicest thing anyone's ever said about us..."

What makes us different?

Many agencies will talk about how what they do isn’t a job because they love it. We live that every day. More than a job, this is a creative outlet for our team. By using Midwestern Originals as a way to learn new and challenging skills, meet others coming up in the field, and as a way to escape the daily grind, we bring our excitement and passion to work literally every time we talk with you. Don’t believe us? Give us a try.

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Built by friends, for friends.

Midwestern Originals wasn't started like any normal business. There was no mission statement, no business plan, just a couple of kids in their living room wanting to do cool things. We started this company not to make money, but because we enjoyed doing things together. It grew from there, from custom Squarespace sites to making screen-printed tees, and building a successful mixology class in our hometown. We've always come back to our roots, back to what we love: agency style web design work and we're continuing that in this new iteration.

"we started this, not to make money, but because we enjoyed doing things together..."
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